Another day, another bread…or two

Still working on my technique, today’s bread is based on the Field Blend #2 as far as types of flours with a little change up.  I started with my total wheat starter,  feeding it whole wheat flour and water twice and letting it ferment each time for about 12 hours reaching a weight of about 200+/- grams.  This morning it was nicely doubled and bubbled.

For the final dough I mixed up the flours:

550 gr. KA Bread
200 gr. KA Pumpernickel
100 gr. White Whole Wheat

Trying for a little lower hydration I started by adding 500 gr. of 90 dF water only to find the dough was very dry attributing that to the Pumpernickel flour, so I added in another 150 gr. and while I thought this was going to be a wetter dough then I was aiming for, after autolysing and adding levain and salt, the dough feel is very familiar!

While the sourdough bulk ferments, I decided it was time to replenish Ron’s staple breakfast food:  Raisin Cinnamon Bread.  He’s been complaining that the bread falls apart where the cinnamon and sugar swirl through the bread so this time I’m going to add less.

Apparently cinnamon and sugar swirls aren’t the only thing I’m adding less of…when I remembered I only had one egg…and the recipe calls for three!  After an internet search for substitutes, I decided on one egg, a little water and a 1/4 cup of canola oil.

After mixing the dough, I felt pretty good about how it was looking and set it to proof for the required amount of time.

Meanwhile the sourdough loaf is bulk fermenting and every 30 minutes or so for the first two hours I’m giving it the requisite turns and folds….I know its healthy because when I take it out for one of the turns, there a big ol’ bubble on the surface!  After about 4 hours its increased in volume at least 50% and ready to be shaped for baking.

IMG_0712And apparently the lack of eggs didn’t seem to affect the cinnamon raisin bread.  Fresh from the oven it looks lovely and with less swirly filling it should stay together better when cut and toasted.


The sourdough loaves came out nice…only nice…not as nice as I would have hoped as I think they were slightly underproofed since I erred on the side of caution….IMG_0713

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