Car Stuff

So I’ve had quite a few cars over the years, my favorites of course being my topless ones.  I really can’t pick a favorite of the three, each having their own distinct personality.

I owned the Audi TT for the longest….over seven years.  We did quite a lot with the TT’ers and I still occasionally am in contact with some of the wonderful folks I met and forged lifelong friendships with.  Some of the trips we took and the picture memories:

Falling Water, PA

Asheville, NC

Canadaigua, NY  – Picture archive from many members.  I’ve had to strip off the ones that no longer exist.

The Honda S2000 was  a very fun car…also a car that you could get into trouble with if you weren’t careful.  After two years of ownership I traded it in for a more sedate vehicle, the 2009 CR-V which now belongs to Nick.  Why you ask did I make such a trade?  What would you do with a 17 year old driver?  Since the Honda was my main vehicle at the time, I didn’t really have much choice LOL!  But I have to say, the S2000 people aren’t really that friendly…sure when I went on a couple of drives they were reasonably nice (and a few weren’t) so I never really felt like I belonged…certainly not like the Audi folks.

And that brings us to MXine…my 2011 Mazda MX5….she’s fun to drive,  is a hardtop convertible and the folks I met in the Nutmeg group were also wonderful.  They love to get together and are willing to help with any problems anyone has.  Unfortunately with our other commitments to dance and music, I found I wasn’t able to attend many of the events. Still I felt welcome with them.

I picked her up the day before Alfred…the big 2011 snowstorm.  She was fully gassed and we actually used some of it to power the generator.

I also have a 2012 CR-V which is my replacement for the car we gave to Nick….Zed is comfortable, reliable and inexpensive.  He’s my third Honda!  I hope to keep him for a long time.