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My Latest Obsession

Chain Mail Jewelry!

After having seen a necklace on a popular television show that really appealed to me, I started looking for sometime similar to buy.  Expensive!  Ugh!  Wait….why can’t I make one myself….afterall I do have a little artistic talent.

Enter Google…YouTube and Rio Grande and low and behold, I have a new obsession.  I started out buying inexpensive rings at Michaels and soon realized they were kind of crappy but I did learn some weaves and the results weren’t too bad.


Then I went back to my favorite jewelry supplier, Rio Grande, and order sterling silver rings.  Expensive, yes, but certainly not as much as buying the finished product from a jewelry store.

IMG_1519OMG!  I can’t stop….I love making this stuff.  I recently decided that keep my hobby I had to start working with less expensive materials and supplied myself with shiny aluminum rings.  They look as beautiful as the sterling silver and don’t tarnish but they are very lightweight and inexpensive.  I can offer pretty, shiny jewelry for a fraction of the price of silver and gold.

Please check out my Etsy Store.  I can customize anything for you!