Empty Nesting

While I do miss the Nickster, he’s only 1.1 miles away living on Campus at UH.  He comes home occasionally and the first thing he does is head for the refrigerator.  Its not like he doesn’t get meals on campus….I think its just a habit that all kids get into…walk in house, drop shoes, etc by front door…making sure they are totally in the way of someone walking by….then head for the fridge to see what interesting and tasty items are there.  Unfortunately, there is even less there than when he lived here.

Another observation…the house stays neater….and I did have to bribe him to come home to clean his room…it looked like a tornado passed through when he took off for school.

I know he is enjoying himself at school, especially the part where he doesn’t have to account for his whereabouts…except for that one morning we had to go pick him up at the emergency room due to a slight indiscretion on his part…never to be experienced again….at least not while he’s at school….right????

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