A Graduate

It is with mixed feelings that I face the upcoming graduation from high school for Nick.  On the one hand, I can’t wait to have him out of the house so I don’t have to pick up after him any more or fight with him when he’s in a crabby mood.  I think the food bill will go down for a while…at least while he’s eating at college.

I don’t think the flowing out of the wallet of cash will stop anytime soon.  Sometimes I feel like I should have a button on my chest that should say, push here to extract cash.

I love Nick…he is the most precious thing I have….but he can certainly be a challenge at times.  He’s extremely intelligent, speaks his mind and has a double whammy of stubbornness from both parents.

On the other hand, I will certainly miss him…when he’s happy, cheerful and loving he just makes my heart swell.  He is extremely talented as anybody who knows him can see but with the intelligence and talent comes temperament.

Nick has certainly blossomed in high school. Elementary and middle school years found Nick mostly at home, on his computer or reading or building with Legos.  He didn’t have a big social life.  I think that has something to do with being an only child…always being with adults.

In high school, he has been involved in many school activities, orchestra, Solisti, Acafella, the newspaper, plays and many more activities I’m sure he hasn’t told me about.

There was a celebration at the final Solisti concert of the year.  All the graduating seniors were honored with a cake.

I have many fond memories and pictures from the trip to Austria I took with these kids.

I wish Nick and all the seniors a smooth transition to their new endeavors.  Its a big step.  They should also know that we’re still there to help them if they need it.  But as every parent knows, teenagers know everything….20 somethings finally realize thet maybe their parents weren’t so dumb after all.

Best of luck my best boy on this new phase of your life.  I know you will do well in whatever you do.


Rain Rain Go Away

Thunder and lightning this Memorial Day…kinda puts a damper on anybody’s picnics.  The thunder just set off somebody’s car alarm.  Must be pretty sensitive.

Glad we didn’t have any outdoor plans today.  We had a nice little barbecue, very small on Sunday after spending a good portion of the days cleaning and re-Teakguarding the outdoor furniture.


Mind Dump….yup…that’s what i plan to do….dump out all the unecessary stuff to stay sane

My own Blog!  I’m certainly not a verbose person in writing but I need a good place to dump the contents of my brain when it gets to full.

I recently moved all my websites to a new server that offers me features like this blog along with guestbooks, content management and a host of other crap.  This is my testing ground.

Stay tuned for more crap to look at…..