Welcome to Niki's Big Adventure

In the summer of 1996, Niki, a three and a half year old little American boy went to Europe. These pages tell the story of what he did during his big adventure.

During our first week we visited with friends, in Baunatal, Germany. Baunatal is a very pretty village in the suburbs surrounding Kassel, Germany. Here are Niki and Anna having fun on one of the toys permanently installed in the shopping center. Here's where we stayed. What a beautiful place!

On one of our day trips we went to the Edersee. The Edersee is a manmade lake with a huge dam. They also have a water park built for all the kids to play in. They have water mechanical dams and Archimedes screws that teach the children how things work. On a hot day it sure can be fun.

One day we went to the Alte Bahnhof, (that's old train station) and saw some of the old steam trains. Unfortunately they were closed that day. But on the next day, we went on a special trip to the Harz area of the former East and took a ride on the Brockenbahn. The ride to the top took over an hour. The steam train was really neat!

We also made a day trip to a "Tierpark," that's animal park in German. There they had a miniature digging machine that Niki and his dad had fun playing. We got to feed the animals and watched the wild boar.

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